The Stalking Sabre-tooth


Tony: Should we tell them?

Bruce: I don’t see why not. It’s not like they are going to understand this anyways.

Tony: What about SHIELD? Aren’t they monitoring all posts on Tumblr?

Bruce: Didn’t you hear? Shield was taken down by Captain America.

Tony: So, sleeping beauty finally did something worthwhile other than crash into the Atlantic?

Bruce: Something like that. C’mon let’s tell them, people on Tumblr have very short attention spans.

Tony: Is that true? Are you guys already scrolling past this conversation?

Bruce: They are now. So let’s tell them.

Tony: Okay. Well, you know how we are like two of the most brilliant men in the world, right? Right, of course you do, what am I even saying. Well, you would also expect that two geniuses would be able to come up with some breakthrough technologies that would change the world.

Bruce: He’s trying to say we invented something.

Tony: I was getting around to that. Yes, we invented a new technology -a power source that will last forever and is perfectly clean. It’s a thousand times more advanced than nuclear power.

Bruce: And uses the unfathomable power of our sun.

Tony: Yes, we have invented a way to tap the power of the planet’s electromagnetic field. A field which is recharged by the sun.

Bruce: And this energy can be used to provide endless electricity, power the world’s transportation, the internet and more.

Tony: It could probably even contain the Hulk.

Bruce: Nothing can contain the Hulk.

Tony: You’re so humble. That’s what I like about you.

Bruce: I’ve just been hanging with you too long.

Tony.: Flattery will get you everywhere. But, back to the matter at hand. I think we have divulged enough, don’t you?

Bruce: Well, you have half a dozen pending patents and I have two dozen more, so yeah, this is more than enough.

Tony: A utopia is on its way. Do you think our invention will end world wars?

Bruce: Endless power? Once everyone has it, it should equalize the world. No war, hunger or poverty. Being a science nerd pays big dividends.

Tony: See, you are a science nerd. I am a science tycoon - a veritable industrialist and capitalist icon.

Bruce: So you sleep with that copy of Atlas Shrugged under the pillow, do you?

Tony: I don’t need to. Jarvis can recite any page or passage aloud, if I want to hear it.

Bruce: We better end this. This is ten times longer than the average Tumblr text. No one will reblog this because it is too long.

Tony: They will reblog it because of my masterful face.

Bruce: *sighs*



Through my experiences on Tumblr, discussing political ideology, I am continuously vexed with a horrific fact. Many people have no clue what true conservatism really is. I know most people conjure up an image fueled by progressive propaganda, and negligent naivete. Most progressives will tell you…

I find it truly sad that groups who have traditionally been discriminated against have themselves turned into intolerant bullies after tasting a small amount of acceptance.  The bullies now resort to ad hominem attacks, labeling, and hate-mongering for even small infractions of their agenda (e.g. refusal to use neologisms like “cis”, “xe”, “xir”).  Way to be tolerant.